Circle of Life

Where I work, we have a rather large flock of Canadian Geese that make our buildings and the surrounding runoff pond their home. Most people find them to be a nuisance. I like em.

I like the idea that they are using our building and grounds as the location for raising their family. As long as you steer clear of them, you’ll be fine. I have found that less than 12 feet seems to be the point that the gander takes issue with your presence. I keep on walking and he settles down.  After all, he’s just protecting his mate. They mate for life. That’s amazing, and what brings me to the point of this story.

Over the weekend, someone hit one of the geese and killed it. I’m a little bummed out by this, since I was looking forward to seeing a baby geese (not sure what the technical term is at the moment). We had a dud last year. She sat for a very long time and nothing came of it. This year…who knows what could have happened?

Now, the question is….where’s the mate? Is it at home, with it’s friends gathered around saying “sorry for your loss”? Is it at a support group? Or is it on the hunt for a new mate, since technically, it was mated with the other one for life (and the mate’s life is now tragically over)?  Or will it remain the third wheel in the flock forever?

I’m just curious…

Normal People Scare Me

What is normal? The study of anthropology examines different cultures. This field of science reveals to us that “normal” varies between cultures, sometimes greatly. What is considered the status quo for one group is bizarre to another.

Personally, I think that we’re ALL crazy; it’s just a matter of whether or not your brand of crazy is compatible with that of your friends, spouse and family.